Monday, April 30, 2012

Have you ever been bullied?

I would like to hear your story. You might play a role in a movement that is going to change the world.

Chances are, if you are over the age of thirty, only one in twenty of you had that misfortune. However, if you are a student today, most of you have experienced some form of bullying at one time in your life. You might be suffering right now.

I have been a strong advocate for anti-bullying for years. Part of my passion may stem from my own experiences, as the target of a ruthless bully. The other part is my strong sense of wrong and right. The fact is that no one has the right to abuse another human being- or any living creature, for that matter!

I had been planning to consult with the experts and put together a training program. The first will be for teachers, then one for parents and another for the students. These sessions will teach them how to recognize bullying behavior, the different types of bullying, the steps to take when they encounter this behavior, and resources they can call upon for help.

I knew that bullying was running rampant. In fact, I wrote a short handbook, ‘The Bullying Epidemic-the guide to arm you for the fight’ last year. I offer it free of charge on Amazon. However, it was only recently that I learned that, like an infectious disease, bullying has spread beyond the students. The people that we thought were protecting our children are becoming the perpetrators.

It was revealed in the heartbreaking story of Aiken, the ten year old, autistic boy who was tormented by his teacher and teacher’s aide. Suspecting that something was wrong, his frustrated father, Stuart Chaifetz, put a wire on Akian. He recorded the staff in Akian’s class at Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill, NJ. They were calling the child "a bastard," talking about vomiting that morning due to a hangover, and apparently teasing the autistic child to the point where he had a "half-hour meltdown." 

This is horrendous! It is unthinkable. However, it gets worse. Mr. Chaifetz said he has discovered that the teacher of his son's class, Kelly Altenburg, was moved to another school and not fired, while a teacher’s union official told Wednesday that Altenburg "basically was exonerated.” 

Mr. Chaifetz now has a website and a petition. 

It is unbearable to think that this is anything more than an isolated incident. Surely, the teachers are keeping an eye on things. If a teacher saw a child suffering at the hands of a bully, they would step in, right?

The sickening reality came to light last night. I was at my nephew’s birthday party. He just turned ten. There were about a dozen kids in attendance- ranging in age from five to 16. I brought up the topic of bullying and could not believe the overwhelming response. I asked them if they had heard the horrible story about the ten-year-old autistic boy who had been bullied by his teacher and aids. They all had a story. Most of them had experienced bullying at some point. One of them denied it, but later, his mother took me to the side and asked if he had shared...Apparently, he too, was a victim of bullying, but was reluctant to admit it. 

What chilled me to the bone was the common thread they all shared. They all agreed that their teachers ignore bullying behavior. None of these children believed that they would get help from a teacher.

This is an emergency,  people!

Education is the key!  Everyone needs to be educated. The teacher, the parents, and the students all need training. I am going to film a documentary. I am reaching out.  I need help from mental health professionals, religious leaders, students, teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to be part of the solution.

We are on the ground floor of something that is going to grow tall and change the world. Are you up for the challenge?

 You can contact me directly at anirishpatel (at) gmail (dot) com

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Emily- A story that will change your life

I wanted to read this book for a while.  I was afraid because I knew it would be very sad.  I got a sudden boost of courage one night, when I was having trouble sleeping. 
I started reading and I could not stop.  I was up until after 2:00 AM, when I finally finished the book.  I think I cried from the first chapter on.  Again the next day, whenever I thought about Emily and her family, more tears.

However, there was much more in this book.  It was not all sadness.  There was a wealth of goodness. 

There was strength and hope.
There was pure joy. 

There was love and sweetness. 

Emily was a delightful little girl.  She was full of love and kisses.  She displayed courage and perseverance well beyond her years.   An angel who came to earth for a short time, but touched countless lives. 

Matt shared his joy and his pain with such clarity you could feel it in your soul.  He was able to deepen his personal relationship with God and that gave him strength.  However, in the end, Emily was the one that gave him hope. 

There are several lessons in this story.  The first will dispel the myth that “a child born with Down syndrome has little hope for a meaningful life.”  The second is the inspiration for gratitude- something we all need in our lives.  The third is the reminder that you can turn to God for refuge in your time of need.  You alone construct that relationship, connecting the way that works for you.

Interview with Matt Patterson

K- How long was it, after losing Emily, before you started to write this book?

Would you believe almost 20 years?  It all started with a newspaper column at a small daily in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where I covered the courts and crime beat. My weekly column was my escape from the straight news that came with sitting in court or dealing with law enforcement officers, lawyers and judges. I tried to relay to readers that I was more than the guy who covered preliminary hearings and other proceedings.  I wanted them to know I was a regular guy – a husband, a dad and a fella who possessed a small sense of humor.
On the week of Emily’s birthday I decided to write a column sharing Emily’s story and her influence on me and the many others who crossed her path. The response to the column was very positive and I received a few notes thanking me.  One writer on the staff told me that I should write a book.  I told her I thought that would be a great idea. The timing never seemed right, but about two years ago I was moved to give it a shot. And as they say, “the rest is history.”

K- I guess God and Emily must have decided that the time was right.  Did you ever feel like Emily was guiding you, while you wrote?

Absolutely!  There were particular moments, I feel, that she guided me as to what to write and how to share it. There were moments, especially when dealing with some specifics of her care and after she had passed away, that she was the one sharing and I was just the guy typing the words.

K- I was touched by the story of the charcoal portraits that you purchased as gifts.  The way you spotted that artist, on that day, enforces my belief in fate.  Do you believe in fate?

That’s actually a very good question.  Many people bring up that story, as well as the one with the birthstone rings as moments when they were particularly touched. Now, to answer your question, I have to say yes – yes, I believe in fate. I do, however, have to add I’m not a real big believer in luck.  Do I believe in coincidence? Not really. 

In regard to Emily, I DO NOT believe I got dealt a bad hand. Was it bad luck? Quite the opposite! If anything, I was “lucky” to have her!  Was it a painful time?  You bet!  However, I feel we were blessed with Emily – no doubt whatsoever. Was it fate? I feel it was our destiny to be her parents. We are such better people for having gone through this.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to share her story and perhaps touch a heart or two. It has given me such an opportunity to serve. Whether it’s sharing this story in cancer or grief support groups, with a friend or individual from our church or with someone on-line, I feel I so very blessed to be able to perhaps help in some small way.

K- It was inspiring the way you had nothing but good to say about the medical professionals.  I think many people would want to point the finger at someone.  To find some comfort in having someone to blame.  Was that a conscious decision or did you pray about it?

Great question!  I feel, at times, we live in a time that it’s quick and easy to blame someone.  That’s just not me.  I don’t believe it was a conscious decision to not lay blame or point a finger, but I can say that by praying for those who were caring for Emily, it was a whole lot easier to be grateful, as opposed to blaming someone.  

Everyone who played a part in Emily’s care remain very special to us. They did everything they could for her AND for us. To walk out of that ICU room minutes after Emily passed away and see the physicians gathered in a small circle with their arms folded and their heads down in disappointment and sadness.  Then, to see those from the pediatric unit lined up to say their last good-byes to Emily? How can I point a finger when I all I wanted to do was hug and thank them?

K- Your book will help so many people get through their grief.  Do you plan to write any other books?

M – Yes, I do!  I’m very excited about my next project which will be a companion to My Emily.  I really can’t give all the details because I don’t have it all sorted out quite yet, but I can say it will be an effort to help others, for sure.  I’m excited about its possibilities.

K- Thank you so much for this interview.  Moreover, thank you for sharing Emily with the world.  

M – You’re so very welcome, Kathleen.  I have to say thank YOU for being so generous with your words and actions in trying to share my little book with others.  This journey in sharing Emily’s story has gone far beyond what I would’ve ever expected.  I have truly been humbled and blessed by so many wonderful people in wanting to help share Emily’s legacy.  It’s been amazing thus far and I feel I still have a lot of work to do – and that’s exciting!

 K- I wish you and your family the very best health, happiness, and love.

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Interview & Casting with the Illustrious Diane Rapp!


Murder on a Ghost Ship is the second novel in the High Seas Mystery Series.  I fell in love with the first in the series, ‘Murder Caribbean-Style’. 

I was happily enchanted, all over again.

Diane Rapp has a musical style of writing that envelopes you in the story, transporting you to beautiful places.  However, be prepared to go to some very ugly scenes.

Enjoy the ocean breeze as you embark on your cruise and deepen your relationship with the characters. 

You will smile at the blossoming love story between Kayla and Steven.  They make a lovely couple- deserving happiness.  However, will they find their happy ending?

Emily is a strong powerful woman, but she may surprise you by showing her soft side.  The exotic Natalia will prove that her powers may not be just for show.  Her gift may not be a match for “The Lady”.

Romance may be in the air, but all is not rosy. 

There is a ghost aboard the ship- she is not happy and she wants everyone to know...  Her increasing rage could end in murder.

The glamorous Hollywood guests seem to have more than one secret.  A suspected love triangle could end in a jealous frenzy.

There are predators in the shadows and they are capable of killing! 

The friends’ band together to solve this mystery and find that danger lurks on the ship.  

 Interview with Diane Rapp

K- I love a great ghost story and you kept me on the edge of my seat with this particular ghost.  Are you a believer?

D- I’ve watched every episode of Ghost Whisperer so many times that I recognize the plot after the first five minutes.  I’ve known people who claimed to experience a haunting, so I have an open mind on the subject.  (My husband scoffs but claims he enjoyed my book.)  Who are we to say that a spirit can’t linger on earth if it has unfinished business? 

K- I’m a believer.

Diane- I am in love the ‘High Seas Mystery Series’.  Please tell me we will be seeing more of Kayla, Steven & the gang.

D- You can bet on it!  I’m doing a timeline for a cruise mystery to Alaska and might book another trip--purely for research.  I’ve already got several intriguing elements to the story planned, including an art heist, a group of golfers who want to play golf at midnight, and another murder.  The title is Murder for Glacier Blue.  Did I mention the wedding on Glacier Bay?  It will happen if Steven’s ex-wife doesn’t mess things up for Kayla…

K- Oh I can’t wait!

I mentioned this before, but I think I would love to see the series on the big screen- or even as a Lifetime movie.  It would be the best Lifetime movie- ever!  Have you ever thought about that?

D- Absolutely, do you have any connections in Hollywood?  I used to know someone and I really need to contact them, because I “cast” actors in the character roles whenever I see a good movie.  Wouldn’t it be fun to explore these stories on location?  I’m up for the trip.

K- Yes!  I am up for that research project.  Just let me know when.  

I wish I had some connections in Hollywood- but not yet…In terms of casting- I envision Amy Adams as Kayla, Julian McMahon as Steven (okay he is actually Australian, but he’s just sooo handsome!),  Ann Margaret as Emily,  Mila Kunis as Natalia &  Olivia Wilde as ‘The Lady’.  Please tell me your vision.

D- Sounds like a great cast to me.  I love Amy Adams and she’s a great actress but I also like Piper Parabo.  She’s real sassy and cute as a CIA agent.  I admit I had to “Google” Julian McMahon but recognized him the minute I saw his face.  I didn’t know he’s an aussie, and he is a hunk.  I also really like Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler as leading men, my favorite would be Matt Bomer.  His blue eyes would make Steven sexy (and I’m sure he could learn to fake a British accent).  Mila Kunis would be beautiful as Natalia, but when I saw Rooney Mara at the Oscars without her “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” persona, I thought she’d also make a great Natalia (thin and mysterious).    I could see Jude Law as Steven’s Interpol friend, Jason Briggs, the guy who develops an attraction to Natalia.  The “Lady” is not as sexy as Olivia Wilde.  She’s more like a Jackie Kennedy type, sophisticated but shy.  I’d cast Rachel Weiss in that role.  

This is so much fun.  How big a budget do we have?  I think I just blew the budget with my choices but who cares.

K- Okay- I see what you mean.  You are very good at casting.  Don’t worry about the budget- this is going to be a box office blockbuster! 

I'm curious.  Kayla, the heroine in this series is a truly likeable character.  She is strong and independent with just a touch of vulnerability.  I heard a rumor that there is special inspiration behind Kayla’s character- is this true?

D- Yes!  My daughter, Laura, allowed me to “borrow” her characteristics and personality for the story.  She married an Englishman, who she met while working on a cruise ship, and they have a beautiful little girl.  They started as the general role models, but the characters got exaggerated and the stories are pure fiction.  She now manages my webpage.

K- I love a happy ending.  It sounds like you have a lovely family.

I am excited about your new science fiction series.  I just bought 'Howl of the Wolf'.  I am so looking forward to reading it!  What was your inspiration here?

D- I began writing for a German Shepherd Dog club magazine.  I was the editor but no one else submitted articles, so I filled the pages with short stories about dogs.  The short pieces migrated to longer one, and then my imagination got shot into outer space with sentient wolves.  They are modeled after my German Shepherd who passed away over a year ago.  I still visit him on the planet Drako. 

I continued writing as a cure for insomnia.  I’d think of a “what if scenario” while trying to fall asleep.  My mind worked on it night after night until the idea reached a boiling point. I needed to type as fast as my fingers would move to get it into a computer.  Nothing was ever planned—and real work needed to be done.  When I got serious, I had lots of fragmented pieces that I’m still rearranging.  When I wrote the mysteries I had a plan, but who sticks to the plan? 

K- I believe that these stories take on a life of their own.

 If you would like, I would love to do the writing exercise.  I give you a scene and then you re-write it in your own captivating style.  Are you game?

D-- Always.  I generally pick a character and mold the scene around that person.

K- Okay, then here it is:

There were rumors about Kamlesh.  He had powers.  They were magical gifts.  This magic frightened the people of the village.  An untouchable could never become a guru of God, so they believed that he was evil.

"He has evil powers- dark powers.  An untouchable cannot be a guru of God."

Dadoo had insisted on the marriage between Pratibha and Anil.  It was a good match.  Anil was of a higher caste.  He belonged to the same caste as their family.  Pratibha cried every day and every night.  Her beautiful face became gaunt as her petite frame became thinner and thinner.

"Please Pratibha- eat something.  You want to be a healthy, beautiful bride, don't you?"

"I don't even want to live if I have to marry Anil!"
She had no appetite- she could not bear to eat a bite when her happy future was disappearing.  She begged her parents to stop the wedding and break the engagement.  They would not listen.  They thought that they were doing the right thing by arranging this marriage.  It was their custom.  They thought they had found a good man that could provide for their daughter and give her a good life.

Pratibha watched Kamlesh walk serenely down the dusty path to the temple, located in the forest at the edge of her family’s property.  She sighed at the sight of him, imagining his chocolate brown eyes and inky black hair that dangled over his high forehead.  She hurried with her morning chores and excused herself to attend her prayers.  She must speak with him. 

As she slipped into the temple she uttered a gasp at the sight of Kamlesh.  He hovered two inches above the stone floor, sitting cross-legged, while chanting his mantra.  He’s a holy man!  She rushed back to the palace with the news, eager to let her father know.

“Dadoo, you must come see Kamlesh!” she cried, dragging her father toward the temple.  “He’s a guru of God!”

Her father shook his head and frowned.  “You know he’s untouchable and cannot be a guru.  Don’t speak such rubbish, my daughter.”  When he saw Kamlesh his eyes grew round as saucers and backed out of the temple trembling.  “He’s got evil powers!  Never go near him again, lest he turn you into a spirit and whisk you away.”

“No, Dadoo.  I love Kamlesh and want to marry him.  He’s the kindest man I’ve ever known and could not possess dark powers.”

“Villagers already fear him, and now I’ve seen his magic for myself.”  Dadoo’s face reddened and he shook his fist.  “Speak no more of this, daughter.  You’re promised to Anil and the marriage will take place as arranged.  He’s a member of our caste and a rich man.  Go back to our palace and never go into this forest again.”

Hot tears burned in Pratibha’s eyes.  “I beg you, Dadoo.  I do not love Anil and cannot marry him.  Please, don’t make me disobey.”

“I’ll banish Kamlesh from the village, and you’ll never see him again.  Go!  Do not shame our family with talk of marrying an untouchable; by marrying Kamlesh, you would become dead to our family.”

During the weeks approaching the wedding with Anil, Pratibha’s eyes remained swollen with tears but her round cheeks turned gaunt.  Her mother pleaded, “Please eat, something.  You want to be a beautiful, healthy bride on your wedding day.”

“No!  I’d rather waste to skin and bones than marry Anil.  Please don’t make me go through with this wedding, or my ghost will haunt you from my grave,” Pratibha sobbed.

Her mother shook her head and continued to sew the magnificent wedding gown that would demonstrate to the village their family wealth and pride.  Pratibha knew her parents believed they did the right thing in arranging her marriage to a wealthy man of her own caste.  Customs must be followed.  She thought about Kamlesh, her handsome lover and rubbed the small bulge in her belly.  She’d never marry another man.

K- You never cease to amaze me.  Your writing is musical.  Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.  I hope we can chat again, after I’ve had a chance to read your new book, ‘Howl of the Wolf.’

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Diane Rapp took me on a cruise! She'll take you- if you dare! Murder Caribbean Style

I read this book twice!   I was enchanted by this story from the first page.   It brought back memories of my favorite mystery books, like the Trixie Belden or Nancy Drew Series.  But this is much more refined and sophisticated.

 The Heroine, Kayla is a lovely, young travel guide writer who returns to her former place of  employment- as a celebrity.  Who has not dreamed of doing that? 
 Her former place of employment just happens to be a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  It would be fabulous- but Kayla is mending a broken heart.   You feel her pain and you hate the scoundrel who caused it.  You form strong opinions about the characters and when there is a murder- well – he had it coming!

Kayla travels through the Caribbean doing research for her book and some detective work.   The author brings you to the scenes with such detail; you are enveloped in the exotic locale.  As you explore the islands, inhaling the perfume of the tropical flowers, you learn of Caribbean history and geography.  You vow to return one day-in person.

Is Kayla a murderer?  Will she ever find true love?  You’ll have to read the book to find out : )

Interview with Diane Rapp

K:  I was just delighted with Murder Caribbean Style.  It reminded me of a very sophisticated, grown up sort of Nancy Drew mystery.  Where did you get your inspiration?

D: My daughter, Laura and I wrote a travel guide to the Caribbean islands.  After we finished Laura planned to write a mystery using the islands as a backdrop, but she hated writing fiction.  She gave the idea to me.  With the islands fresh on my mind, I started the arduous task of planning a mystery.  Since I incorporated various cruise ships into the plot, I drew up a schedule for the imaginary ships to land on each island.  What a headache.    

K: The amazing detail of all of the islands and your vivid descriptions made me want to visit those islands!  Seriously- I am now planning our vacation to one of the destinations in the book.  How did you become so knowledgeable about the Caribbean?

Laura and I spent three months visiting eleven Caribbean islands to research our travel guide.  A factual guidebook can’t use space to capture the beauty and atmosphere of the islands, so I used the mystery format to illustrate the ambience of real tropical locations.  

K:  As a writer, I really admire when an author is able to show, rather than tell.  Have you worked on your writing technique or does it come naturally to you?

Thanks for the compliment.   The technique is not a natural skill.  I visualize scenes as though I was watching a movie, and then I write and rewrite until my fingers ache.   When I get stuck, I reread a book by one of my favorite authors and analyze how the author created flowing prose.  Have you ever read West With the Night by Beryl Markum?  Her descriptions of Africa make me envious!

K:  No I haven’t – but I will!
I only do reviews for books that I really enjoyed.  This is a book that would make a great movie.  I could see Drew Barrymore playing Kayla.  Have you thought about that?

My heart flutters to imagine Murder Caribbean-Style on the silver screen.  I’m part of the first generation that grew up watching television and movies.   My heroine “casts” people in her own private movie, and I hoped this mechanism might help readers visualize the characters.   

K: This is becoming a signature move for me: I’d like to do a fun exercise with you.  I will give you a scene and I would love for you to write it in your alluring style : )

Our hostess, Jill, opened the door.

I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.  It was a tiny, dingy little apartment.  Our bedroom, with two tiny cot-like beds was so small that we could not lay our luggage on the floor- it had to stay upright.   The bed linens were threadbare.  There was no air conditioning.   Jill warned us that there were no screens on the windows so if we opened them for air at night, we would be eaten alive by mosquitoes.  This was especially disgusting for Tara, because there are no mosquitoes in Ireland and she liked it that way.

This was not the luxurious villa that we had looked forward to.   Without speaking Tara and I looked at each other and new we had to find a way out.


The hinge squeaked as the hotel clerk, Jill jerked on the rusty door handle.

We shoved our luggage against the wall and squeezed into the closet masquerading as a bedroom.  Tara frowned at the threadbare sheets and stained pillowcases on the twin beds, while I jiggled the thermostat, praying for a refreshing blast of cool air.  A pitiful trickle of stale air coughed into my face and the musty smell turned my stomach.   

I glanced hopefully at the dirty windows. Jill said, “Better not open the windows, since we don’t have screens.  The mosquitoes will feast on your pale Irish skin all night and cats might come inside.  Here’s your key.”  What happened to the tropical vacation villa pictured on the Internet?   

Tara turned to me with panic in her eyes, and I knew we couldn’t spend one night in this dump. Would my credit limit accept another charge?  How could we find a decent room during peak tourist season?

K: That is incredible- magical!  The scene was based on a real life experience I had with my cousin.  You really nailed it- I felt like I was back in that hellish room : )

I look forward to reading your other books. Thank you so much.

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How To Reverse The Aging Process and Extend Lifespan- Review & Interview

The authors, Brian N. Cox & Tian Yong, take you on a journey to the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing, China.  It is here, that we will learn the secrets.  What enables these people to be seemingly ageless?

Perched beside the Yangtze, the "Golden River”, Chongqing symbolizes Yangtze River civilizations.  It is the cradle of Bayu culture.  Chongqing is famous for its gorgeous woman.  This is where the ancient study of rejuvenation has been studied and developed over the centuries.  Grand Master Tian Yong is the leading practitioner of this ancient art.

In this culture, the emphasis is not on looking young.  Looking young is a natural benefit to the healthy lifestyle that the people lead.  Elders are respected and revered.  Their life experiences are invaluable.  They sought for advice and guidance.  They are alert and sharp- mentally.  Moreover, they are fit and flexible- physically.  The secrets to their longevity and quality of life are all in the handbook.  You will refer back to this book, repeatedly.

The authors patiently walk you through the process of aging and causes of accelerated/destructive aging.  Some topics will make be familiar and may seem like common sense.  Other areas may seem foreign and different, but the authors will explain everything thoroughly. 

Once you have an understanding of this, you will be prepared to learn the thirteen vital steps to reversing aging.  I will list them, but keep in mind; there are lengthy & specific descriptions for each- in the book.

Thirteen Vital Steps

  • ·         Exercise
  • ·         Diet & nutrition
  • ·         Tao Chi
  • ·         Stretching & Flexibility
  • ·         Tai Chi Chuan
  • ·         Care of the skin- includes a special massage
  • ·         Power of the mind
  • ·         Massage
  • ·         Meditation Techniques
  • ·         Eyesight considerations
  • ·         Handling Stress
  • ·         Maintaining Mental Alertness
  • ·         Supplement
  • ·         Avoiding the age accelerators

Once you are comfortable with the concepts, the book makes complete sense.  I am going to start implementing these vital actions in my life.  You should too.

You are encouraged to read the free e-book “The Wisdom of Tian Yong” available on here.


K- Tian, I have seen your pictures and you are a beautiful woman. Your skin is perfect- without a line.  I can’t believe that you’re fifty.  Have you experienced challenges in maintaining your routines now that you have left China?

T- Yes, it is necessary to adjust your daily routine when living in North America.  Five or ten miles of daily walking is replaced with a car.  Also, the diet is much different.   It is not an impossible task however; I walk to the store and carry my bags home while my neighbors drive their cars.  I always make time for a long daily walk.  North Americans do not have the variety of vegetables we have in Chongqing but it is still possible to eat a large variety.   I avoid processed packaged foods and sugar.  I am fortunate to grow up in a non-sugar culture so it is easy to avoid sugar in my diet.  Other than these two things, living the age reversal lifestyle is quite easy in North America.

K- Tian- are you planning to teach the special Chinese massage?

T- No, I think my teaching days have drawn to a close.  There are many things to do in life and so little time.   I love to paint, to play musical instruments and to practice taiji.  I loved to walk in the mountains, enjoy the scenery and fresh air, and meditate in a peaceful environment.  There are no mountains where I live in Canada but Canada is still a very beautiful country with fresh air.   I return to Chongqing frequently as I miss the mountains and the Chongqing restaurants.

K- Brian, how long have you been following these guidelines and what kind of a difference has it made in your life?

B- I met Tian Yong about eleven years ago but didn’t really adapt to the age reversal lifestyle until I moved to China in 2007 and lived for four years in Chongqing.  I have always been a “health nut” so it wasn’t hard to adapt, even to the diet which was quite different than my diet in Canada.   I eat probably four times as many vegetables daily than I did in North America and not having a car has been a great help.  Chongqing is a mountain city so half the walking is uphill.   I had practiced taiji for many years before meeting Tianyong but now I know how to adapt it to age reversal….Tian Yong has taught me what I should be doing with my mind so it becomes an age reversal exercise.   I am 72 now, but except for arthritis in my knees (which don’t seem to bother me anymore) I seem to have the same strength, flexibility, quickness and energy as I had 20-30 years ago.

K- Have you both been receiving fan mail from happy readers that have followed your advice?

B or T- Not really,   the book has only been available for a short period of time and I am clueless how to market it.  Learning how to market the book is on my “things to do list”.   For the first two years that Tian Yong lived in Canada, she taught several women how to do the acu-point massage to prevent and reduce wrinkles…..she got rave reviews from them as apparently their friends and spouses noticed a big difference in their appearance. (Brian)
Add caption

K- If someone were to take away just one good piece of advice from this book, what would that be?

B- Tian Yong says you cannot pick and choose what to do; you must adapt the whole program into your lifestyle.  When I pressed her, she reluctantly said that keeping very active seven days a week is important….doctors’ advice about 30 minutes exercise 4 or 5 days a week won’t suffice.   Also, if you don’t know the “rejuvenation exercises” learn Yang Style taiji (tai chi) upon which the exercises are based.   Be sure to visualize yourself young (use a photo from your 20’s to remind you) when doing taiji.   Always visualize yourself as young and never say…”I can’t do that at my age”….you are never too old.   Of course a diet consisting primarily of vegetables and fruit is important.   Walk…don’t drive.  Take the stairs, not the elevator.   Park as far away from the Mall doors as possible….you get the idea.   To reduce or prevent wrinkles, perform the acu-point massage daily, which is clearly explained in the last chapter of the book.

K-Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with the world.  I am already making some changes in my life and will be recommending that others read your book.

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