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How To Reverse The Aging Process and Extend Lifespan- Review & Interview

The authors, Brian N. Cox & Tian Yong, take you on a journey to the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing, China.  It is here, that we will learn the secrets.  What enables these people to be seemingly ageless?

Perched beside the Yangtze, the "Golden River”, Chongqing symbolizes Yangtze River civilizations.  It is the cradle of Bayu culture.  Chongqing is famous for its gorgeous woman.  This is where the ancient study of rejuvenation has been studied and developed over the centuries.  Grand Master Tian Yong is the leading practitioner of this ancient art.

In this culture, the emphasis is not on looking young.  Looking young is a natural benefit to the healthy lifestyle that the people lead.  Elders are respected and revered.  Their life experiences are invaluable.  They sought for advice and guidance.  They are alert and sharp- mentally.  Moreover, they are fit and flexible- physically.  The secrets to their longevity and quality of life are all in the handbook.  You will refer back to this book, repeatedly.

The authors patiently walk you through the process of aging and causes of accelerated/destructive aging.  Some topics will make be familiar and may seem like common sense.  Other areas may seem foreign and different, but the authors will explain everything thoroughly. 

Once you have an understanding of this, you will be prepared to learn the thirteen vital steps to reversing aging.  I will list them, but keep in mind; there are lengthy & specific descriptions for each- in the book.

Thirteen Vital Steps

  • ·         Exercise
  • ·         Diet & nutrition
  • ·         Tao Chi
  • ·         Stretching & Flexibility
  • ·         Tai Chi Chuan
  • ·         Care of the skin- includes a special massage
  • ·         Power of the mind
  • ·         Massage
  • ·         Meditation Techniques
  • ·         Eyesight considerations
  • ·         Handling Stress
  • ·         Maintaining Mental Alertness
  • ·         Supplement
  • ·         Avoiding the age accelerators

Once you are comfortable with the concepts, the book makes complete sense.  I am going to start implementing these vital actions in my life.  You should too.

You are encouraged to read the free e-book “The Wisdom of Tian Yong” available on here.


K- Tian, I have seen your pictures and you are a beautiful woman. Your skin is perfect- without a line.  I can’t believe that you’re fifty.  Have you experienced challenges in maintaining your routines now that you have left China?

T- Yes, it is necessary to adjust your daily routine when living in North America.  Five or ten miles of daily walking is replaced with a car.  Also, the diet is much different.   It is not an impossible task however; I walk to the store and carry my bags home while my neighbors drive their cars.  I always make time for a long daily walk.  North Americans do not have the variety of vegetables we have in Chongqing but it is still possible to eat a large variety.   I avoid processed packaged foods and sugar.  I am fortunate to grow up in a non-sugar culture so it is easy to avoid sugar in my diet.  Other than these two things, living the age reversal lifestyle is quite easy in North America.

K- Tian- are you planning to teach the special Chinese massage?

T- No, I think my teaching days have drawn to a close.  There are many things to do in life and so little time.   I love to paint, to play musical instruments and to practice taiji.  I loved to walk in the mountains, enjoy the scenery and fresh air, and meditate in a peaceful environment.  There are no mountains where I live in Canada but Canada is still a very beautiful country with fresh air.   I return to Chongqing frequently as I miss the mountains and the Chongqing restaurants.

K- Brian, how long have you been following these guidelines and what kind of a difference has it made in your life?

B- I met Tian Yong about eleven years ago but didn’t really adapt to the age reversal lifestyle until I moved to China in 2007 and lived for four years in Chongqing.  I have always been a “health nut” so it wasn’t hard to adapt, even to the diet which was quite different than my diet in Canada.   I eat probably four times as many vegetables daily than I did in North America and not having a car has been a great help.  Chongqing is a mountain city so half the walking is uphill.   I had practiced taiji for many years before meeting Tianyong but now I know how to adapt it to age reversal….Tian Yong has taught me what I should be doing with my mind so it becomes an age reversal exercise.   I am 72 now, but except for arthritis in my knees (which don’t seem to bother me anymore) I seem to have the same strength, flexibility, quickness and energy as I had 20-30 years ago.

K- Have you both been receiving fan mail from happy readers that have followed your advice?

B or T- Not really,   the book has only been available for a short period of time and I am clueless how to market it.  Learning how to market the book is on my “things to do list”.   For the first two years that Tian Yong lived in Canada, she taught several women how to do the acu-point massage to prevent and reduce wrinkles…..she got rave reviews from them as apparently their friends and spouses noticed a big difference in their appearance. (Brian)
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K- If someone were to take away just one good piece of advice from this book, what would that be?

B- Tian Yong says you cannot pick and choose what to do; you must adapt the whole program into your lifestyle.  When I pressed her, she reluctantly said that keeping very active seven days a week is important….doctors’ advice about 30 minutes exercise 4 or 5 days a week won’t suffice.   Also, if you don’t know the “rejuvenation exercises” learn Yang Style taiji (tai chi) upon which the exercises are based.   Be sure to visualize yourself young (use a photo from your 20’s to remind you) when doing taiji.   Always visualize yourself as young and never say…”I can’t do that at my age”….you are never too old.   Of course a diet consisting primarily of vegetables and fruit is important.   Walk…don’t drive.  Take the stairs, not the elevator.   Park as far away from the Mall doors as possible….you get the idea.   To reduce or prevent wrinkles, perform the acu-point massage daily, which is clearly explained in the last chapter of the book.

K-Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with the world.  I am already making some changes in my life and will be recommending that others read your book.

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